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Super Malo

PROJECT: During production of our feature length documentary, Havana Skate Days, we followed various characters that we were not able to include – Fabián is one of them.

“In 2016, Fabián began painting his masked figure in the streets and has now done so more than 100 times. He calls the character Supermalo—Superevil. The inspiration came to him when he was listening to music online and saw the album art for Stolen Youth by the American rappers Vince Staples and Mac Miller: a drawing of three babies, one black, one brown, and one white, each wearing a diaper and a balaclava. Though Fabián’s life-size or larger images are often cartoonish, Supermalo—who in another country might become a young man’s two-dimensional gangster fantasy—rarely conveys machismo or strength. On Calle Neptuno, a major thoroughfare, a halo hovers above Supermalo’s head as he stares down sadly at a single flower. On a touristy street in the Old City, he wears a superhero costume, complete with a cape and the letters SM emblazoned on his chest, while, in a thought bubble, he dreams of a fried egg—a nod to the heroism of those who carry out the small but challenging tasks required each day for survival in Cuba. In another painting, this one on a metal door, Supermalo is a homeless person sleeping in a doorway. On a wall across from a church, he appears as Jesus Christ. In many places, he simply holds his head in confusion.”

– Deni Ellis Béchard (

LOCATION: Havana, Cuba

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