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Veedro Films

Veedro Films started with our founder Julian Moura-Busquets and his desire to visually show friends and family around the world his experiences living life in the most populous city in Brazil. São Paulo has strong influence in various facets including the arts, finance, commerce, entertainment, and creative culture.

Exploring the concrete jungle melting pot of São Paulo revealed untapped narratives and stories, which in turn fueled the growth of what today has evolved into Veedro Films.

The word Veedro comes from the word window in Portuguese (vidro) and Spanish (vidrio) but with an English touch (the two e’s). Veedro Films started from a simple apartment in the Italian neighborhood of São Paulo, Bela Vista, in 2011. After spending hundreds of hours editing from a small room, staring out of the window for inspiration, Veedro became the symbol of how we viewed the world; one frame at a time.

We are surrounded by amazing people and stories. This is what motivates us to continue doing what we love. Thanks for joining us on the journey!